Netflix removes Crazy Rich Asians, Divergent and 19 other titles | NOW

Netflix not only adds titles to the range, but also removes films and series. leaves every Tuesday in collaboration with Superguide know which titles will soon disappear.

The first part of the futuristic Divergentseries will be removed from Netflix on Tuesday. Comedies like Crazy Rich Asians and Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie and the apocalyptic adventure movie Waterworld. Also Loro, the satirical film about Silvio Berlusconi by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino, will soon no longer be seen on Netflix. Check out the latest update below.

November 17:
Hell Fest

November 19:
Le flic de Belleville
Gaston Lagaffe
RĂ©mi: Sans famille
Taxi 5

November 20th:
Crazy Rich Asians

November 21st:
The Adjustment Bureau
Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie
Curious George
Half Baked

The Little Rascals
Mercury Rising

November 30:
AD Kingdom and Empire
Sylvanian Families

December 1st:
Cheapest Weddings

December 14:
Bollie and Billie
Deadman Wonderland


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