Netflix cancels comedy by Anna Drijver and Elise Schaap | Movies & Series

Netflix has decided to cancel a new Dutch comedy series with Elise Schaap and Anna Drijver. The streaming service confirmed this on Monday after reporting from RTL Boulevard.

The series is about a young woman who wants to become an influencer and goes further and further to do so. The story was written by Drijver. Sheep would play the lead role. The actresses were both associated with the project as producers.

Netflix says it has canceled the series due to “the combination of tight timing and a challenge in the availability of the actors and creators”. It is not clear whether the series will now be made in a different way with another party.

Sheep and Drijver were previously seen together in the Netflix hit Undercover and the movie Bride Flight.

Netflix announced the news on the day the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. It started in 1997 as a mail order company that shipped DVDs, but has now become the largest streaming service in the world.


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