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Gommers is concerned about British virus mutation
Diederik Gommers, the chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC), is also not positive about the current corona figures. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday that he was “not very hopeful about what is possible after January 19”. Gommers does not assume a relaxation either. “It’s very difficult,” he said on the television program on Tuesday evening On 1.

“The infections are going down, but the percentage of tests that are positive is higher again. Also the number of hospital admissions remains high. While we had hoped that it would decrease after this period. But that is not happening yet. I think. that we have to wait until next week, but I’m not very positive. “

Gommers is most concerned about the British virus mutation, which has also surfaced on a small scale in the Netherlands. “I am most concerned that the British virus mutation is still in store for us at the end of the month. So I am glad that the vaccinations have now been brought forward.”


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