Nearly 100 officers injured in mass protests in France | NOW

Almost 100 French police officers were injured by disturbances on Saturday during the mass protests against police brutality in the country, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said. Twitter know. The police made a total of 81 arrests.

Darmanin writes in the message that he supports a total of 98 injured officers and that France will prosecute the perpetrators of the violence against the officers.

Many tens of thousands of French took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against police violence. The French Ministry of the Interior speaks of 133,000 people, 46,000 of whom demonstrated in Paris. The organization of the protests, however, estimated the number of demonstrators much higher and said against Le Monde that about 500,000 French took to the streets that day.

It is not known whether or how many protesters were injured in the mass riots following the demonstrations last Saturday.

A freelance photographer was injured in the face during the demonstration by ‘unacceptable’ police violence, according to interest group Reporters Without Borders. Police say they are investigating how the photographer was injured.

Fuss about assaulting black music producer

There was a stir in the country last week after surveillance footage showed a 41-year-old black music producer being beaten up by agents in his studio in Paris. The musician, Michel Zecler, said he was being treated racially. An investigation has been launched into the incident, which French President Emmanuel Macron called a ‘shame’.

In addition, there is also controversy about a new, controversial bill that restricts the distribution of images of officers. Last week, several thousand French people also demonstrated against the new security law.

The bill states that no images of officers may be disseminated that could endanger the “physical or mental integrity” of the officers. The protesters fear that this will make it more difficult to denounce police violence and abuse of power.

Darmanin said in response to the protesters that the law only means that officers cannot be portrayed identifiably. However, the law is too vague and is therefore open to interpretation, civil rights and journalistic organizations responded to the minister.


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