Nearly 1.4 million viewers for the Christmas story Scrooge Live | NOW

On Sunday evening, Omroep MAX managed to gain nearly 1.4 million viewers with a special interpretation of A Christmas Carol. In Scrooge Live Richard Kemper plays the greedy Ebenezer Scrooge who meets ghosts.

Scrooge Live talks about Scrooge who thinks Christmas is a waste of time. His old associate, now deceased, warns Scrooge not to make the same mistakes he did, but Scrooge thinks he has gone soft.

The miser meets various ghosts, played by Simone Kleinsma and Plien van Bennekom, who show him how unhappy he is and how unhappy he makes others.

The story has been interpreted in various ways over the years. The version of The Muppets is now considered a Christmas classic.

Although Omroep MAX’s broadcast scores well, it was the most viewed program NOS News from 8 p.m. where nearly 2.3 million people watched.

Linda’s Winter Month attracted a thousand viewers with guests Martien Meiland and Fidan Ekiz less than a week earlier with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Sigrid Kaag. Then 1,237,000 people watched, this week 1,236,000 people.


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