‘My contract stated that I had to have nude photos taken for a place in the team’

The Finnish – who finished fifth in the only season of the W Series so far – tells in the Shikaani Formula 1 Podcast about the bizarre contract she was presented with about ten years ago. She negotiated with an Indy Lights class team (the stepping stone to the IndyCar). During the negotiations she was told that the sponsor money was fine, the team would arrange that. The arrangement was – without her knowing – that the sponsor wanted to receive nude photos of the then 20-year-old Kimilainen.

‘In a bikini was not enough’

“When I called the team, I was told that there had been some disagreement with the sponsor,” said Kimilainen, who of course asked for clarification. “Then I heard that it was a men’s magazine. Initially the deal was that bikini photos would be taken, but then they demanded that they be topless. ” That proposal was too much for her. Kimilainen decided not to sign the contract and to look elsewhere. She reached the top of motor racing via a different route with a place in the W Series.

She says on social media that it was exciting to bring the story out, but that she is happy with all the support. “There are many bizarre stories that I have had in my career and this is one of them. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the past ten years in sport and beyond in the field of gender equality. We still have a lot to do, but things are going in the right direction. ”

Furthermore, she emphasizes that she especially enjoys her career. “My journey in motorsport is far from complete. Let’s race!

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