Movie rights Joe Speedboot sold with permission of author Tommy Wieringa | NOW

Tommy Wieringa has given permission for his book Joe Speedboat to film. In 2008 and 2010, the writer was proved right when he sued the filming of his book.

Wieringa has now trusted producer BALDR Film and the creative team consisting of director Sam de Jong and screenwriter Jan Eilander and Daniël Samkalden from Dr. Script. The film contract has now been signed by all parties.

“From the conversations with the screenwriters it became clear that they have smart, good ideas for translating the story into images; very stimulating”, says Wieringa. “The collaboration with De Jong also gives reason to hope for a film that is quirky, rich and grand.”

It is not yet known when the film will be released. The same goes for the composition of the cast.

In 2010 producer IJswater Films was allowed to write the book Joe Speedboat van Wieringa definitely not filmed. Wieringa did not agree with the proposed script.

The writer believed that the proposed film adaptation would detract from the story about the disabled Fransje Hermans, who gains self-confidence after meeting the self-proclaimed Joe Speedboat. “It would have become a boring, adolescent film without any room for the reflection that is so important in the book,” Wieringa said at the time.


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