More than 230 arrests in pro-Navalny protests in Russia | NOW

In several locations in Russia, supporters of Alexei Navalny have taken to the streets to protest the capture of the Russian opposition leader. More than 230 people have now been arrested.

Dozens of arrests have been made in eastern Russia, where the protests began. In the city of Khabarovsk, where it is seven hours later than in the capital Moscow due to the time difference, activists on Saturday published videos of police beating protesters and putting them in prison vans.

Navalny called on his supporters to take to the streets on Saturday this week in protest against President Vladimir Putin’s rule. A large demonstration in Moscow is expected later on Saturday. The opposition is expected to demonstrate in a total of seventy places.

The opposition leader published a video titled earlier this week A palace for Putin, in which he claimed to have evidence that the president had built for himself a huge bribe-funded mansion on the Black Sea. The almost two-hour film already had more than 65 million views on YouTube after a few days. The Kremlin calls the charges “nonsense” and “lies.”

Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in prison

Navalny was sentenced to 30 days in prison on Monday for allegedly violating terms of a previous sentence. He had just returned from Germany, where he was recovering from poisoning in Russia. The Russian secret service FSB is accused of being behind the poisoning.

Kira Yarmish, Navalny’s spokesman, and several other opposition members were also arrested last week and will not be present at the protests on Saturday. Russians who ignore the authorities’ warnings on Saturday and go on to demonstrate anyway could also be addressed. Moscow police say it will intervene in illegal protests.


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