‘More explosions in Germany as a result of Dutch measures’ | NOW

The number of explosions in Germany is expected to exceed 400 this year, the German Federal Criminal Investigation Department BKA reports in the newspaper on Sunday. Welt am Sonntag. According to the investigation, the increase may be related to the preventive measures taken in the Netherlands, such as closing machines at night.

So far this year, 390 German ATMs have been blown up, according to the newspaper. The record of 2018 has already been broken and also more than the just under 350 of last year.

Especially in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, on the border with the Netherlands, it was often hit. In 160 cases, the perpetrators ran off with the money.

In Germany, many explosions are committed by Dutch criminals, especially from Utrecht and Amsterdam. Of the 132 suspects identified in Germany last year, 68 were from the Netherlands.

The German police announced that it has intensified international cooperation, in particular with the Netherlands.

The number of explosions in the Netherlands decreased this year

The number of explosions in the Netherlands has fallen sharply this year, the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) reported at the beginning of December. The counter was up to 25 this year, compared to a total of 71 last year.

This means that the banks’ approach seems to be bearing fruit. ATMs now remain closed at night and have been removed from risky places.

More structural solutions are still being developed, such as methods to make banknotes unusable immediately after a crack. The nightly closing of the ATMs has led to objections from, among others, the catering sector.

Previous figures from the NVB show that before the closure about 2 percent of the transactions took place at night.


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