‘Moderna vaccine is an extra way to get out of the pandemic’ | NOW

Medicine watchdog: Second vaccine is an extra means of getting out of the pandemic
Ton de Boer, chairman of the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB), says he is pleased that a second vaccine has been approved. According to De Boer, it is “an additional means of getting out of this pandemic. But our work is not over. Even after marketing authorization, we keep a close eye on the safety and efficacy of this vaccine, as with all medicines.”

The Moderna vaccine consists of two injections, which are 28 days apart. From fourteen days after getting the second shot, people have maximum protection against COVID-19. According to the MEB, the studies have shown that the Moderna vaccine has an effect of 94.1 percent in people aged eighteen and older. “The vaccine also offers protection in people in risk groups, such as people with chronic lung disease, heart disease, obesity and liver disease (90.9 percent)”.

The vaccine is also expected to prevent you from becoming ill from the British mutation of the coronavirus. As with Pfizer, there are no indications that this is not the case. Worldwide, about 30,000 participants took part in the study. Half received a placebo.


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