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Action and spectacle seem to be second nature to Milla Jovovich’s family. The actress has already worked on several fantasy films with her husband and now their eldest daughter is also starting to establish her name. Thirteen-year-old Ever Anderson can be seen in the highly anticipated Marvel film from next year Black Widow.

On the occasion of their latest collaboration, the game filming Monster Hunter, Jovovich and her husband Paul WS Anderson talk to via a video connection. While their own film can be seen in the Netherlands from December 3, stands Black Widow scheduled for May 2021.

Will Ever become the family’s next action hero? “That could just be,” said 44-year-old Jovovich. Just knocking off course, but I think she has a great future as an actress. Everything is possible for her. “

Anderson and Jovovich previously worked together on the Resident Evilseries, in which Ever got a role in the final part. “It was great to be on set with her,” says 55-year-old Anderson. “And to see how they cope Black Widow worked. That made us very proud. “

Jovovich and Anderson spoke from Los Angeles via a video connection with The talk about their collaboration can be watched around the release of Monster Hunter on December 3.

Warn of pitfalls of the film industry

Jovovich says she also warns Ever of the pitfalls she has encountered in the film industry herself. “We talk to her a lot. That’s the biggest punishment we can give her: let her sit and keep talking to her, haha. We certainly share our experiences. If we see behavior that could be dangerous or not contributing to the best. out of yourself, we try to give her beautiful examples. “

“We are fortunate that her mother acted as a child,” adds Anderson to his partner. “She knows very well what she’s talking about. Milla is a great source of experiences that Ever can draw on.”

Jovovich nods. “And we just have a lot of fun. We do so much together and are very close as a family. She is therefore open to conversations with us. She is very receptive.”

‘We have always seen Ever as a’ circus child ”

“It’s not surprising that she’s following this path,” says Anderson. “She grew up on movie sets. We’ve always seen her as a ‘circus child’ because we’re always on the road to shoot movies abroad. She kept seeing how much fun we had with it.”

Jovovich made her feature film debut as a teenager with Return to the Blue Lagoon and then also appeared in the high school film Dazed and Confused. Her debut in an action movie followed in 1997 with her contribution to The Fifth Element. Later she achieved great success with the Resident Evilseries, which generated $ 1.23 billion (more than 1 billion euros) worldwide.

Anderson directed four of the six parts. He also directed action and spectacle in films such as Alien vs. Predator, Pompeii and Death Race.

The couple has three daughters together. Their second child Dashiel Edan was born in 2015. Last February, Jovovich and Anderson had their daughter Osian.


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