Michiel Huisman: ‘Consciously take risks with smaller productions’ | NOW

Michiel Huisman plays in major international productions and can be seen in popular American series and films, but the actor also finds it important to take on a smaller production every now and then. In conversation with NU.nl says Huisman, who can be seen in the Irish road movie from Thursday The Last Right, that he continues to surprise himself.

“Any director can learn where to put a camera or what shots you need to cut a conversation between three people in a car in the edit. What is much more difficult is understanding characters and seeing what a actor needs “, says the 39-year-old actor, who appeared in among others Game of Thrones.

“That is why I occasionally take the risk of a smaller, more intimate production, like The Last RightHuisman said about the film by Aoife Crehan, in which two brothers come together during a car ride across Ireland. “Because then you may be completely surprised, as I was surprised by Aoife.”

He agrees that you can never know for sure in advance. “In this case, I read the script and really enjoyed it. Then we had a really nice Skype meeting, and then you just have to give it a go. I also made films with people who had already proven themselves, and then you look back and you think: it’s not very special. So you never know. So much has to come together for a film to succeed. “

25 corona tests in a few months

Huisman’s work was halted for a long time due to the corona virus, but in recent months he was able to play the American series The Flight Attendant, in which he can be seen from the end of November. There were a few things involved.

“In America I was tested three times a week. I think I have been tested 25 times since August. But it was not a very unpleasant experience, they don’t go very deep. Here in England, where I am now for a new series,” they go all the way, it’s really not nice. But in the end I am grateful that I can work. “


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