Mercedes boss impressed by Red Bull car: ‘we need a faster car’

Mercedes’ race car is in no way better than Red Bull’s, says Andrew Shovlin, the technical boss of the German Formula 1 racing team. This despite his driver Lewis Hamilton winning in Bahrain. “We have been able to rely on our superior speed on the straights and fast corners for years, but that was not the case now. There was not a single part on the circuit where we won time. Mercedes needs a faster car, it’s that simple. ”

The fact that Hamilton won against Verstappen was not so much the merit of the car, but more of a slightly smarter tactic and the mistake that Verstappen made towards the end of the race. The Limburger was driving his Red Bull off the track when he overtook Hamilton and according to the race management he took an unfair advantage. Verstappen did not hesitate and followed the instruction to return the lead to the Englishman.

Shovlin realizes that it will not be easy to improve the car considerably. Major changes to Formula 1 cars will not be allowed until 2022. “I don’t really see points where we can make so much progress that we pass Red Bull. So we must above all hope that Red Bull does not find areas where they can improve. I think we should look more at the driving characteristics of the car and find subtle improvements there. ”

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