Men detained for right-wing extremist and terrorist activities | NOW

On Tuesday, the police arrested two 19-year-old men in Amsterdam and Zwijndrecht who are suspected of right-wing extremist incitement and crimes with a terrorist aim, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) reports.

A large amount of Nazi material was seized during the search of the suspects’ parental home, including a swastika flag, uniforms, posters and banned knives. Carriers of digital data, such as computers and telephones, have also been seized.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, separate, stand-alone investigations have been conducted into both men. These were started in early October with information from the intelligence service AIVD.

The suspects are said to be part of right-wing extremist groups that incite racial hatred and anti-Semitism online and glorify perpetrators of violence. One of the groups is known as ‘The Base’, an international network of right-wing extremists that promotes the possession of firearms and threatens gun violence.

The examining magistrate in Rotterdam ruled on Friday that both men will remain in prison for at least the next two weeks.


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