Meghan Markle had a miscarriage in July: ‘Unbearable grief’ | NOW

Meghan Markle writes in a candid column The New York Times about a miscarriage she had in July. The wife of the British Prince Harry calls the loss “an almost unbearable grief”.

Markle says she was changing her son’s diaper one morning in July when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.

“I fell to the floor with Archie in my arms and sang a lullaby to keep us both calm,” said the former actress. “The happy song was a stark contrast to my gut feeling that something wasn’t right.”

It was then that Markle found herself having a miscarriage. Hours later I was in a hospital bed holding my husband’s hand. I felt his clammy hand and kissed his knuckles, wet with our tears. As I stared at the cold white walls, my eyes were glassy. to imagine how we would get out of this. “

‘Little is said about the loss of a child’

In her column, Markle writes about the many losses that people had to deal with this year, partly due to the corona pandemic. She also mentions Breonna Taylor, the black American who was shot by a police officer and thus became one of the symbols of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Markle emphasizes that it is important to help each other and to regularly ask how things are going. By sharing her story, Markle hopes to support other women who have miscarried.

“The loss of a child means that you have to bear an almost unbearable grief that is experienced by many, but about which is little spoken,” writes the American.

“We have learned that when people ask how we are doing and they really listen to the answer with an open mind, the grief often becomes more bearable. By engaging in conversation and sharing our pain, we take our first step towards healing. “


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