Measures in Amsterdam and Eindhoven due to possible protests | NOW

The Amsterdam Museumplein and the city center of Eindhoven have been designated as safety risk areas from 11 a.m. This means that the police may carry out preventive searches. In both cities, there are indications that, despite the fact that it is prohibited, people want to demonstrate and are willing to use violence.

Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam has introduced the measure in consultation with the police and the Public Prosecution Service because of the disturbances of last week and recent indications that people again want to come to Museumplein with weapons.

Last week, about 200 to 250 protesters on Museumplein clashed with the police during a protest prohibited by the municipality. They pulled stones out of the ground and threw them at officers. 143 people were arrested. According to mayor Femke Halsema, three police horses were beaten with a life preserver. One of the horses was hit on the head four times.

People also want to demonstrate with weapons in Eindhoven

Eindhoven decided to declare a security risk area because the anti-Islam movement Pegida has announced that it wants to demonstrate despite a ban. Signals have also emerged in Eindhoven that people want to come to the city with weapons and are prepared to commit violence.

The triangle and the GGD make an urgent request to people not to travel to Eindhoven today. “Travel movements and gatherings pose a major risk to public health.”


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