ME ends unrest in Urk, police pelted with heavy fireworks | NOW

The Mobile Unit (ME) of the police had to intervene in Urk in the night from Saturday to Sunday after young people with fireworks caused further unrest. The youngsters pelted the officers with heavy fireworks, among other things. Ten arrests have been made, the police say.

The youths not only carried heavy fireworks, but also committed destruction and started fires in the area.

According to Mayor Cees van den Bos, it was quieter on Urk on Saturday evening than last week, when heavy fireworks were thrown at relief workers and fires were started in the street.

“Nevertheless, firm intervention by the riot police was necessary. Now public order has been restored. A number of important arrests have been carried out,” said the mayor. Twitter. “It’s safe on the street again.”

On Friday, the municipality of Urk took measures against the unrest. Part of Urk is considered a safety risk area until 08.00 on Monday morning, which makes it possible to carry out preventive searches. “Urk now wants a quiet weekend”, said Van den Bos at the time.

According to Van den Bos, most young people in Urk behave properly and a small group of rioters causes unrest. “They are certainly not young people looking for a different leisure activity. They are cogs. It is important that others do not let them take their lead.”


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