Mayor Marcouch closes building in Arnhem to investigate deaths | NOW

Mayor Ahmed Marcouch van Arnhem closed a building at Jansbuitensingel indefinitely on Sunday. In that building, the police found an injured man on Saturday morning, who later died of his injuries in hospital. The police also found a cannabis farm and a grow tent there.

The injured man was involved in the death of a 55-year-old man from Laren (Gelderland). The man was found seriously injured in a car on Cronjéstraat in Arnhem on Friday afternoon and died a short time later. The police assume he has been the victim of a shooting.

The investigation into the shooting incident led to Jansbuitensingel, where the second wounded man was found.

“The violence and death of the two men has startled us in Arnhem and has an indescribable impact on the area,” Marcouch said on Sunday. “It undermines and disrupts people’s sense of security. Disgust and anger fight for precedence.”

“The intensity of the incident and the illegal practices that took place in the building are reason for me to close the building urgently and indefinitely,” said the Arnhem mayor. A collection agency was established in the building on Jansbuitensingel. The man who was found injured there, who later died, owned the property, Marcouch says.

Possibly related to a dead man in Amersfoort

The police are investigating whether the case is related to a case in Amersfoort. A dead man was also found in his car there on Friday. It is a 74-year-old man from Soest.

The police is conducting an investigation in both cities with a so-called Large-scale Investigation Team (TGO). The homes of the dead from Laren and Soest were searched this weekend.

Police are also investigating stories circulating about another unknown death in this case. Witnesses are heard about this. According to De Gelderlander the Arnhem man would have announced three murders. As far as is known, no fourth victim has been found in the case.


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