Max Verstappen: ‘Sometimes it’s a shitty sport’

“Of course I’m pissed off. It was a very easy race, which I controlled,” said Verstappen, who suffered a blowout on lap 49. “You don’t want to overload your tires, and I did. Sometimes it sucks when something like this happens at the end. The tires felt very comfortable, no vibration or anything. This is very strange”, the 23-year-old Dutchman concluded.

Verstappen then also gave a sneer to tire supplier Pirelli. “They are probably saying again that it is due to carbon particles on the track, that was also the case in Imola. You can hardly argue with that. But the fact is, another band has exploded, and not just with me, but with Stroll as well. There will still be discussions, and that is not fun for Pirelli either.”

“This is extremely frustrating. In the end, with a bit of luck, we are still first in the championship (due to Lewis Hamilton dropping out at the restart, ed.), but the gap could have been much bigger. That was much more important to me today. I wanted to make a gap here, because the next race on ‘normal’ circuits they will be stronger, but we’ll see. We’ve had two strong weekends.”

‘What a joke’

Father Jos Verstappen was also not pleased with Pirelli’s tires. On Twitter he expressed his frustrations towards the Italian company. “What a joke,” he wrote in response to a tweet from the company, which listed the drivers and their tires. “The Ingredients for a Victory,” read the caption.

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