Max Verstappen satisfied: ‘I hope I can put pressure on Valtteri’

Verstappen was satisfied with his third place. ,,We have taken a big step compared to yesterday’, said the Red Bull driver, who struggled with the necessary problems in the first free practice sessions. “We have recovered well. Third was the maximum today,” concluded the 24-year-old Limburger.

As many points as possible

Verstappen knows he can do good business in the battle for the title, as Hamilton starts 11th. ,,I hope I can put pressure on Valtteri in the race. The goal is to get as many points as possible.”

Hamilton hopes for a successful catch-up race, but knows that it will not come to him at Istanbul Park. “It will be a challenge, but I’m going to give everything”, said the Briton, who is two points ahead of Verstappen in the championship.

Hamilton fears the strong midfield, he revealed. ,,Overtaking is going to be difficult, you saw that with Max two weeks ago when he came in sixth or so. In addition, the entire top ten will start tomorrow on the same tire. Maybe on the long straight I can try a few things.”

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton does not seem to have to count on help from Bottas, who will leave for Alfa Romeo next year. ,,I start at the front, so it seems logical to me that I focus on myself,” said the Finn, who has won nine races in his career so far.

“I start at the front, so it seems logical that I focus on myself”

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