Max Verstappen realistic: ‘We missed some speed here’

Only Lewis Hamilton finished for the Dutchman, which means that his lead in the World Cup position is now eight points. Shortly after the race, Verstappen thought that this would be seven, because he was in the fastest lap time (good for a bonus point).

However, that time was taken away from him for exceeding the track limit in turn 14. “Oh, did I lose that lap? That’s a bit crazy, because I thought they weren’t checking on turn 14 track limits. ”

Those so-called track limits there were indeed in other turns: 1, 4 and 15. On Saturday morning, however, the ‘exits’ of turns 5 and 14 were added. Verstappen could be further satisfied. He overtook Hamilton after the restart after an early safety car, but saw the seven-time world champion come alongside again not much later. After his pit stop, the Dutchman outsmarted Valtteri Bottas.

“In general, we had a little less speed than Mercedes”, said Verstappen. “If you look at it that way, second place is not bad.”

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