Max Verstappen on his way to Turkey: ‘Hopefully more grip now’

The race in Istanbul has come back on the calendar this year, because, among other things, the Japanese Grand Prix has been dropped. Verstappen does drive a special, predominantly white livery of his RB16B, to put engine supplier Honda in the spotlight and a different racing overall.

“It’s a shame for us as a team and for Honda to miss the Japanese Grand Prix, but it’s cool that we can do something in Turkey instead to celebrate,” said Verstappen. “It’s special that the car looks different, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Not the best weekend

Last year Lance Stroll took pole position in a very surprising wet qualifying session at Istanbul Park. A day later Lewis Hamilton won the race and secured his seventh world title. Verstappen eventually finished sixth, spun on lap eighteen after a duel with current teammate Sergio Pérez and his front wing was misadjusted during a pit stop.

“It was not our best weekend,” says Verstappen. “I think it will be very different this year. Hopefully the asphalt has a little more grip. Overall it will be a fairly new weekend for everyone, I’m curious how competitive we are.”

Last year, just before the Grand Prix weekend, new asphalt was laid in Istanbul, making the track very slippery. During the next edition there is a chance of rain again on Saturday and Sunday.

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