Max Verstappen not a big fan of sprint races

The World Cup leader won the most recent race at Interlagos two years ago. ,,That was a nice battle with Lewis and I expect that again,” said Verstappen. ,,Whether Mercedes is closer here than in Mexico last week? One hundred percent. The circuit in Mexico is at an enormous height, here that is less the case. They will certainly be faster.”

As is known, Red Bull, in combination with the Honda engine, has good papers at circuits that are higher and where the air is thinner. In Brazil, the circuit is about 800 meters above sea level. Not as extreme as in Mexico (more than two kilometers).

“The circuit here has been good for us in the past,” says Verstappen, who was also on his way to victory in 2018, but collided with straggler Esteban Ocon. “I look forward to being here again. Of course things have changed since then, but I think we can do well here.”

In Brazil, for Sunday’s race, qualifying will again be based on the sprint race format. Verstappen is not a huge fan of that. ,,The excitement is mainly in the start, because after that you don’t see many overtaking actions. I think there are still some things to fine-tune. If people like it, two starts in a weekend, why not? But I’m more of the traditional setup myself. And if we have competitive cars and the teams are closer together, you don’t really have to change anything.”

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