Max Verstappen: ‘I say like it is, but I don’t say everything I think’

It is the time of the year that the top driver of Red Bull Racing can let himself go. In mid-January, Max Verstappen, together with personal trainer Bradley Scanes, will prepare himself physically for a new and probably grueling season, with a record number of 23 scheduled races. Now there is more time for friends and family, although that is not a foregone conclusion because of all the restrictions.

“In these times I come to appreciate having freedom more. That will eventually come back, I’m sure. Of course I have also seen my family less than usual ”, said Verstappen, whose sister Victoria became a mother earlier this month. In addition, his father Jos had another daughter. “Yes, there are quite a few children around now. That will be a great nursery in our family. ”

Eventful year

Verstappen had an eventful year. He soon realized that a serious shot for the world title again was not an option. But the driver also noticed more than ever that the outside world always seems to have an opinion about him.

Max Verstappen does not necessarily have to show off his private life.

Max Verstappen does not necessarily have to flaunt his private life.

That already started before the first race of the season in Austria, when Verstappen, like a number of colleagues, decided not to kneel in the fight against racism and clearly stated that ‘everyone must express themselves in a way that suits him’. A swearing cannonade over the on-board radio after a collision with Lance Stroll in Portugal also generated a variety of views, both negative and positive.

“You either like me or not at all”

“I know that some things are sensitive in the world. The situation is different from roughly five years ago, also on social media. I realize you can’t say everything. And I certainly don’t. I say like it is, but I don’t say everything I think. I have such a moment every day, haha. ”

Not a gray mouse

A gray mouse will therefore not become Verstappen. “You either like me or not at all. I always have that idea a bit. And you don’t have to look at me, do you. If you don’t like me, don’t do it. I think it’s more important what the people around me say to me. No, I don’t worry about anything anyway. And when I wake up, it might be because I’m going to eat. I like that… “

Private life

He has recently shown more of himself during some sponsorship commitments and in an authorized documentary than he usually does. According to Verstappen, not something that will suddenly happen much more often. Or a deliberate way to change his image.

“No, I don’t like that at all. I don’t suddenly throw my entire private life out on the street. Here at home in Monaco, there are no paparazzi in the bushes. I don’t post a lot of personal stuff on Instagram either, because I don’t think people need to know. Sometimes I make an exception. ”

On that popular platform, Verstappen – one of the best and most popular drivers of the moment – has almost four million followers. In comparison, the very active world champion Lewis Hamilton has more than 21 million.

“Who knows, once I’m done racing, that I’ll hit the delete button and not be heard much more.”

Verstappen: “Everyone has their own thing. I’m not concerned with the followers. Even though I have over twenty million, what do I care? Who knows, once I’m done racing, that I will press the delete button and not be heard much more. ”

World titles

The difference in world titles with Hamilton (zero for seven) may bother him more. Verstappen hopes to have the material in 2021 to finally be able to hurt the Briton a little more. But also one, two or three world titles will not change the characterologically of the Limburger.

In a world full of uncertainty, that is a certainty.

Max Verstappen:

Max Verstappen: “I don’t worry about anything anyway.”

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