‘Max Verstappen has no better choice than Red Bull’

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Albers had expected it to be a boring parade in Italy, but the opposite was true. In fact, the Mugello circuit can be back on the F1 calendar. Van Haren adds: “I am surprised that we needed the corona virus to get onto this circuit.”

The Tuscany Grand Prix was short-lived for Verstappen. Just before the start, his RB16 already had engine problems. After that it went wrong quite quickly from starting position three. Verstappen barely got away, was run off the track and immediately had to stop in the first lap. “And that while he said on Saturday that this was the best weekend so far, this season that is,” says Van Haren. Despite all the bad luck, Albers states that Red Bull is and will remain the best team for Verstappen. “Red Bull keeps fighting. They don’t give up easily. And besides, there is no other option. ”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the chaotic Grand Prix of Tuscany, which was temporarily interrupted twice due to other crashes. Thanks to his victory, the Briton again laid a firmer foundation for a new world title. Valtteri Bottas finished in second place at the Mugello circuit. Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull, Alexander Albon finished third. “By the safety car the tires start to slip and then the real drivers come forward ”, says Albers. Finally, the former F1 driver gives an extensive look at the rumors about the dismantling of the Mercedes team.

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