‘Max Verstappen has again broken the self-confidence of a teammate’

Red Bull driver Alexander Albon seems to be in the corner where the blows fall, both on a sporting and mental level. With that, Albon seems to be the umpteenth teammate of Verstappen who sees his self-confidence broken by the performance of the Dutchman.

Max’s brilliant performances have broken the confidence of yet another teammate. It is Alex Albon who really had to cash in this time, there are no other words for it ”, said Martin Brundle in his column for ‘Sky F1’ after the GP of the Eifel.

Complaint on board radio

He continues: “Brakes that lock, flat spots on his tires, going back to the race line when he hadn’t quite passed Daniil Kvyat, penalty points on his license, a time penalty in the race.”

“To complain about the on-board radio that the AlphaTauris were racing too hard against him. Then there was apparently a water leak that made him give up. The credit he had built up through his podium finish in Mugello has already seriously crumbled, ”Brundle concludes.

In the new Formula 1 podcast, former driver Christijan Albers and our reporter Erik van Haren look back on the new milestone of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s second place at the Grand Prix of the Eifel:

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