Max Verstappen expected a little more from qualifying

“Third place is not bad, but I expected to be able to fight a little more with Mercedes,” said Verstappen, who only set one timed lap in Q2, because he had to cancel his first attempt due to a spark plug problem.

“That made it not a great qualifying. I had also drove two laps in Q1 and in Q2 it got a bit tricky because of those problems.

Verstappen managed to make it to the last qualifying heat on the medium tire, so that he, like pole sitter Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, will start on that tire during Sunday’s race (1.10 p.m.).

“That was good, but because I didn’t get much action in Q2, I didn’t have a great reference towards Q3. The first lap in it was a bit difficult. I didn’t have that much grip. The second run was a bit better, but it was not easy all in all. ”

Verstappen eventually conceded just over 5.5 tenths on Bottas’ fastest time. His old teammate Pierre Gasly will start next to him in the second row on Sunday.

The Dutchman did enjoy driving on the Imola circuit, where Formula 1 has returned for the first time since 2006. “It’s great to drive here. I thought beforehand that it would be a bit too tight for these types of cars, but it’s going fine.

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