Max Verstappen can use ‘Silverstone engine’ all weekend in Hungary

The Japanese supplier previously checked all parts, but wanted to test the power source again during both practices for the Hungarian Grand Prix on Friday. Not unimportant, because it was not allowed to do that on the test bench last week.

“We have been able to determine that the engine Max used during the British Grand Prix weekend has worked normally,” said Honda technical director Toyoharu Tanabe in Budapest.

That is good news for Verstappen and Red Bull. Drivers are only allowed to use three engines in this long Formula 1 season. Anyone who has to change power source more often will receive a grid penalty. Verstappen’s current engine is his second, after Honda introduced a new version in France in mid-June. He can therefore continue to use both engines from that ‘pool’.

Honda confirmed on Saturday that Verstappen will use the ‘Silverstone engine’ throughout the weekend in Hungary.

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