Max Verstappen: ‘As long as I don’t end up as Fred Flintstone’

“There are still so many unclear about the future. I just have to get in the car as soon as possible. Although I must have a motorcycle, of course. I hope I don’t end up as Fred Flintstone, that I have to pedal myself. That will be quite tough physically, I suspect… ”

The 23-year-old Limburger somewhat avoided the questions about his perspective at Red Bull Racing. He still has a contract until 2023, but could possibly leave after next year. “I focus on this and next season. What will happen next is still so far away. It makes no sense to think about it now. We will be driving Honda for over a year and we are committed to bringing it to a successful conclusion together. From 2022 there will be new rules in sports, who knows what everything will look like then. ”

Verstappen was also asked whether he would like to drive a Renault engine again. Red Bull and the French supplier split up in 2018 after much arguing. “It is not for me to make that decision. I am open to everything. As long as I don’t have to pedal myself. ”

In the new Formula 1 podcast, Erik van Haren and Christijan Albers look ahead to the upcoming Grand Prix in Germany. It is also extensively about the departure of Honda and the future of Max at Red Bull:

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