Max Verstappen after bizarre race: ‘This is not Formula 1 for me’

“Fortunately, the fans have a clear idea about racing. What happened today is unbelievable. I’m just trying to race. But as it goes, this sport is more about punishment than pure racing. For me, that’s not Formula 1. I gave everything.”

Verstappen finished second in Jeddah after a heated battle with Hamilton. The Dutchman was given a time penalty of five seconds after a mutual duel, just before that Hamilton clapped at the Red Bull driver when he wanted to let him pass.

“I reduced speed and wanted to let him pass, and sat on the right,” said Verstappen. “He didn’t want to pass and then we hit each other. I don’t understand what happened.”

Reaction Hamilton

Hamilton responded: “I did not understand why he suddenly put on the brakes. Only then did I hear that he let me pass.”

The seven-time world champion and Verstappen go to the last race in Abu Dhabi with an equal number of points. Hamilton: „I have been racing for a long time, but this was incredibly tough. I tried to race hard here, but also clean to stay. That was hard. We get all kinds of things fired at us in the second half of the season, but we keep going.”

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