Max Verstappen accepts second place: ‘Mercedes was just too fast’

At the start at the Nürburgring, Verstappen was third, but at the end of the stage he was in second place. Partly due to the failure of pole sitter Valtteri Bottas. A second place was the maximum achievable, as Verstappen announced immediately afterwards. “Overall it was a good race,” said the Red Bull driver. “I tried to follow Lewis, especially when Bottas retired. Our race pace was good, but they (Mercedes, ed.) Were just too fast. ”

With about 15 laps to go, after Lando Norris dropped out, the safety car on the road. The field crawled back together, but Verstappen was unable to take advantage and open the attack on Hamilton. “The track was cold and so were the tires, especially when you just came out of the pits,” said Verstappen Ziggo. “We had many more problems than the rest. You could also see that at the restart. The tires were too cold, so I got some wheelspin. ”

Verstappen expresses some criticism of the safety car. “I don’t understand why he stayed on the track for so long. I understand that they want to have everything closer together, but the job was long gone. It was dangerous and that is something we have to look at. ”

Ultimately, on the very last lap, Verstappen took an extra point from Hamilton. “Great, that extra point”, says a satisfied Verstappen about his fastest race lap. „We couldn’t win anymore, so I gave everything in the last lap and then that faster lap came out. That is a nice bonus. Finished second and we must be satisfied with that. ”

The next race planned is the Grand Prix of Portugal, at the Portimão circuit. “I look forward. I hope it is warmer. It’s a nice track. ”

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