Max Verstappen about Pirelli: ‘Explanation very vague’

Pirelli released a statement on Tuesday evening, saying that the crashes of Verstappen and Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) were believed to have been caused by the way the teams had handled the tyres. According to the Italians, there was no problem with the tires.

“It was very vague for me,” said Verstappen in France, where Paul Ricard will be racing next weekend. ,,We are going up here again in terms of tire pressure, maybe that has something to do with those bangs in Baku. But it would be nice to know what exactly the problem was. Then it is easier to understand than the explanation we have now been given. I do know that the team did nothing wrong and followed all guidelines. We’re not to blame, and neither is Aston Martin. We also gave our data to Pirelli and we were just within the limit. Pirelli needs to look at themselves and we’d like to help them see how we can improve this.”

In the FIA ​​press conference, Verstappen sat next to his competitor for the world title, Lewis Hamilton, and once again spoke of happiness after his crash that cost him the win in Azerbaijan. ,,Of course I was disappointed that I didn’t win, but if I had flown on the other side of the track, the impact would have been much greater,” says the Limburger, who is looking forward to the next Grand Prix. ,,We were not great here in 2018 and 2019, but our whole package is more competitive this year. I am curious what we can do here.”

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