Marines move into new barracks Nieuw-Milligen | in eight years’ time NOW

The new barracks for the marines that will be built in Kamp Nieuw-Milligen near Apeldoorn will be ready at the end of 2028. It should accommodate about 2,130 people, State Secretary Barbara Visser (Defense) wrote to the Lower House on Wednesday.

The ministry does not disclose the costs for commercial reasons. The real estate project involves an investment of between 250 million and 1 billion euros, according to the minister.

In 2012 it was decided that the marines from Doorn would move to Vlissingen. That led to resistance and many marines left. Visser then decided to end the move to Zeeland last year. That led to a lot of anger among the Zeelanders. They received compensation and an apology from the cabinet.

The marine units from Den Helder will also be housed in the new barracks in Kamp Nieuw-Milligen. The Marine Training Center (MOC) will remain at the Van Ghent Barracks in Rotterdam.


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