Man stuck after fireworks exploding in Alphen aan den Rijn apartment, injured | NOW

In an explosion in a flat on Thursday, a serious person was injured, the police reported to The flat has been partially evacuated and a 35-year-old resident of Alphen has been arrested.

Police report that the man will be questioned later in the day. It concerns a person who, like the victim, was in the home at the time of the explosion.

More “explosive material” has been found in the house where the explosion took place. The Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) has been deployed. According to the security region, the flat is being searched by the EOD to make a plan “to defuse the rest of the fireworks”.

The explosion took place in the flat on Aïdaplein, near the Ridderhof shopping center. A structural engineer has examined the building and the eleven-storey flat appears to be stable for the time being. The residents of the ground, first and second floors are evacuated. The safety region has announced that reception is being arranged for them.

People are urged not to come and see. “It is very busy with bystanders at the flat in Alphen. Do not come here, there is nothing to see and you are endangering your own health”, according to the safety region.


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