Making a lighting plan is more important than you think

“Light has a major influence on the way we experience a space,” says Stephanie de Boer-Hansen. “Still, most people initially only think of the luminaires and not of the light. That is a shame, because the purchase of lighting is expensive and it is annoying if a lamp then does not offer what is needed for the function that the space fulfills. ”

For example, you work more pleasantly at the kitchen table in bright white light, where you probably prefer to use your dinner in warmer light, she says, “The changing function of a room, ceiling height, light intensity (expressed in Lumen) and light color (Kelvin), but also the color on the walls … they all play an important role in a good lighting plan. In addition, in the Netherlands we are thrown back to artificial light for about four months of the year. In short, a good lighting plan is not an unnecessary luxury! ”

In the bedroom, many people like dark. See how you can provide a dark bedroom at vtwonen.

If you have bought a new-build house, a lighting plan can be included during construction. With a lighting plan you prevent that you end up with connection points that you cannot use or that you miss connection points where you would have liked them. But how do you work in a house where the light points were already established three owners ago? De Boer-Hansen: “You may be more limited with already fixed light points, but by using flexible luminaires such as a rail system, you can still apply the desired light to the place you have in mind.”

Due to the rapidly developing LED technology, light has become more flexible and, not unimportantly, more durable. De Boer-Hansen mentions in this context the dim-to-warm technique, whereby different color temperatures can be created with one lamp. But LED lighting has also fundamentally changed aesthetically. “Technology has become an important part of lighting design,” says Femke Dekker. “LED lamps often do not have a cord anymore and they are lighter in weight, which means enormous flexibility.

Watch videos below for more interior inspiration.

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