Lewis Hamilton questions the appointment of a Russian flight attendant

Petrov himself drove 57 Grand Prixs in the past. He recently criticized the actions of Hamilton, who, among other things, wore a T-shirt to draw attention to the death of Breonna Taylor and called for the police officers responsible to be arrested. Petrov thought that was too much of a good thing and also said: „What if one of the drivers comes out as homosexual? Do they come out with a rainbow flag and encourage everyone to become homosexual or something? ”

Contract with Mercedes

Hamilton, who still has not renewed his expiring contract with Mercedes and wants to win his seventh title first, responded in Portugal as follows: “I have not seen all the quotes, but it comes as a surprise to me that they appoint someone with that thoughts and things like that, while we fight against it like that, ”said the Briton, who has been involved in the social debate for a long time and this year kneels like some colleagues before every race to draw attention to the fight against racism.

“You will have to submit it to the FIA, because there is nothing I can do about it. But we must certainly have people here who live in this time, who understand the present time and are sensitive to the issues at play.

The FIA ​​motorsport federation will not be happy with the statements of the Mercedes driver and says in a statement that it will not judge stewards on positions they have expressed outside of their position. Stewards must adhere to the regulations and ethical code of the FIA.

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