Lewis Hamilton is not aware of any harm

Verstappen called it disrespectful that Hamilton went so crazy after his victory. The Briton knocked the Dutchman off the track in the first lap, although he received a time penalty of ten seconds, but still won the Grand Prix in front of his own audience.

“But I think enough has been said about it by now,” said Hamilton, who goes deeper into the matter a little later. “I was not aware that Max was in the hospital. All I knew was that he was okay and out of the car. None of us want another driver to get hurt.”

Hamilton says he is not aware that he cheered excessively. “As for the action on the track, I don’t think I would do anything different in the future. I have also reviewed and analyzed it. And about the cheering: it makes a difference whether you know someone is in the hospital or not. This was my home race and it was great to see so many fans in the stands again. It was just emotion that came out.”

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