Lewis Hamilton continues to fight for more diversity in Formula 1

“As long as I have air in my lungs, I will continue to fight for change,” the Mercedes driver wrote on Twitter, ahead of the March 2 presentation of his new car for the upcoming season.

Hamilton was a big driver of Black Lives Matter last year and at his insistence, every race was equally focused on the fight against racism. The Briton knelt before the races and held up his arm with a clenched fist. A number of drivers followed his example, others, such as Max Verstappen, stopped.

‘Change is needed’

Hamilton finally extended his contract with the German racing stable at the beginning of this month. Part of the one-year deal is the formation of a charity organization that will support more diversity and inclusion in motorsport.

“Change is still needed. Inequalities in our sport and in the world are still there and we must continue to strive for equality for all and opportunities for all. In everything I do I keep working on creating opportunities for children of color, within science, technology and art. ”

The W12 must lead Hamilton to his eighth world title. The car will be unveiled on Tuesday and Mercedes recently posted a photo of a paint gun filled with black paint, suggesting that in the new season the car will be black again and not traditionally silver.

In a new Formula 1 podcast with Telegraaf reporter Erik van Haren and former driver Christijan Albers: what are the expectations of all cars and newcomers:

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