Lewis Hamilton Commission Demands Equality in Motorsport

The Hamilton Commission report has been prepared to ensure that young black people have an equal opportunity to build a career in motorsport. The committee encourages Formula 1 teams, like other motorsport organizations, to implement a ‘charter’, making it mandatory to improve diversity and inclusion in all organisations.

In addition, the call is made to facilitate and broaden access to sport by offering more internships. The idea is also being raised to set up scholarship programs, which should ensure that black graduate engineers are able to move on to specialist positions in the car or motor sport.

lonely path

“Although I have had a successful career in motorsport, it has been a lonely path as one of the few black individuals in Formula 1. After 15 years of waiting for the industry to catch up, I realized I had to act on my own.” said Hamilton.

“Through the commission’s investigation, we can see that there are clear, meaningful steps that the motorsport industry needs to take to create a more inclusive environment, but also that we need to address the barriers faced by black students. Some of these barriers I recognize from my own experiences, but our findings have opened my eyes to how far these problems extend. I am so proud of our work so far, but this is just the beginning.”

The Hamilton Commission has been working on the report for the past ten months, together with the so-called Royal Academy of Engineering. The committee consists of 15 others in addition to Hamilton, including former McLaren CEO Martin Whitmarsh.

Impressive report

Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali has already commented on the report: ,,The Hamilton Commission has delivered a comprehensive and impressive report. Lewis has a lot of passion for this very important issue. We will take the time to read and reflect on all the findings, but we fully agree that we need to increase diversity in the sport. We have taken action to address this and will be announcing more actions in the coming days. We want a sport that is representative of our hugely diverse fan base and that is why Formula 1, the FIA ​​and all teams are working hard to implement our detailed plans to create positive change in the sport. There is always more to do and the report prompts us to think about further actions that are needed.”

In June, Lewis Hamilton also spoke about his fierce fight against racism in an exclusive interview with De Telegraaf: read the story here.

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