Leiden University investigates allegations of anti-Semitism | NOW

Leiden University is commissioning an investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism within a department of the Faculty of Law. The university announced this on Monday.

“Last week, the Executive Board of Leiden University has reached out to signals about allegations of anti-Semitism within a department of the Faculty of Law,” the university writes.

According to the educational institution, the accusations have caused great unrest in the faculty and the wider university. “The Executive Board takes the accusations seriously because, if correct, they would be clearly contrary to the values ​​that Leiden University stands for. The Board is therefore investigating whether these accusations are justified.”

Paul Cliteur, who was senator of Forum for Democracy (FVD) until last Tuesday, works at the faculty in Leiden and is considered the intellectual mentor of FVD founder Thierry Baudet. Cliteur is criticized for not being sufficiently distanced from anti-Semitic voices within the party.

Rector magnificus Carel Stolker of Leiden University wrote on Saturday Twitter that “the accusation of a pattern of anti-Semitism around FVD is extremely worrisome and thus also affects Cliteur. Anti-Semitism and racism, as well as not distancing themselves from them, are totally but completely unacceptable. To be prosecuted quickly.”

It is not clear to what extent the research focuses on Cliteur.

Possibly also a follow-up investigation

The investigation is carried out by an external investigation committee and will be started as soon as possible. It is also investigated how the allegations have been dealt with within the department.

A follow-up investigation may take place if the findings of the investigation give cause to do so.

Pending the results of this study, those involved will refrain from commenting, the university said.


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