Last week almost four hundred more deaths in the Netherlands than usual | NOW

Last week (week 42) an estimated 3,200 people died in the Netherlands, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). That is almost four hundred more than is usual for this period of the year.

These are higher figures than Statistics Netherlands has reported so far. A week earlier, about 150 more people died than is usual for the time of the year. Mortality rates have been higher than usual since the end of September.

According to the statistics office, the higher number of deaths coincides with the second corona wave. Last week, more people aged eighty or older died: a total of eighteen hundred. Relatively many people also died in the age group up to 65 years. Almost as many men as women died.

During the first wave of corona infections, approximately 10,000 people died in whom COVID-19 was suspected or identified as the cause of death.

Of the people who died of corona infection during the first wave, 60 percent received long-term care. This concerned the chronically ill, frail elderly and people with a serious mental or physical disability.


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