Last month we spent a lot more on stuff for the home and the house | NOW

In the month of Black Friday, consumers again spent a lot more money on things that make life at home more comfortable. For example, stores that sell consumer electronics and white goods, such as TVs, computers and washing machines, experienced the largest turnover growth since 2005 in November, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports Thursday.

“The shops selling do-it-yourself products, kitchens and floors also achieved strong turnover growth in November,” said a spokesman for the CBS. Overall, we spent 9.6 percent more in stores in November than in the same month last year.

“People can’t go on vacation or go out for dinner, so they spend their money on things to use in and around the house,” the statistics office spokesman explains. That has been happening for months now. Supermarkets and specialty stores also spent more on food and drink for the home.

Almost 10 percent more was spent at the fish shop, baker, butcher and greengrocer.

Only shops that sell clothes and shoes do not benefit from the desire to buy. “After a small rebound in the second quarter, clothing stores and shoe and leather goods stores suffered strong sales losses for the second consecutive month in November.”

This is despite the Black Friday bargain frenzy spread over the last week in November by the middle class to spread the crowds. Online sales were 55.5 percent higher in November than twelve months previously.


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