KNVB wants a quick audience in stadiums: ‘It won’t get you anywhere if clubs fall over’ | NOW

The KNVB is pushing for a quick return of the public to the football stadiums. The union calls on the cabinet to give permission for this and thus prevent an emergency scenario.

According to the KNVB, the matches that were played with the public at the start of the season did not lead to problems. As far as is known, no one in a stadium has been infected with the corona virus. If the current situation of playing football without an audience continues for a long time, the KNVB fears that clubs will fall.

“January will be a very important month for us. We really hope to be able to allow limited numbers of spectators again,” said director of professional football Eric Gudde on the KNVB website on Saturday.

“Because if this is going to take much longer, sooner or later the damage for clubs will still be too high. Nobody will get anywhere if these clubs fall and have to hold up their hand in The Hague. We want to prevent that by pressing on. time to look at the possibilities and take a step forward. “

In England, supporters will again be welcome in the stadiums in some cities from next week for the first time since the outbreak of the corona crisis. In the Netherlands, the clubs were allowed to allow a reduced number of spectators in the first weeks of the season.

This was done according to an extensive protocol, to the satisfaction of municipalities and the police. However, when the infection figures started to rise sharply, the cabinet decided at the end of September to close all sports complexes to the public.

KNVB director Eric Gudde. (Photo: Pro Shots)

‘Cutbacks are not a safety net’

The KNVB hopes that this measure will be reversed as soon as possible, or that prospects for the future will at least be offered. This topic is on the agenda in the House of Representatives on Monday.

It is estimated that professional football will miss out on about 200 million euros this season due to the corona measures. Earlier estimates spoke of around 330 million euros, but clubs cut costs and sponsors and supporters proved loyal.

“However, that is not a safety net or guarantee that the clubs will not enter the financial danger zone. The question remains whether the supporters will buy a season ticket again if they have little use of it during the current season,” said Gudde.

“In addition, at some clubs there is a chance that season ticket holders will still request a refund if they have been able to attend too few matches. This means that those clubs will have the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads for the rest of this season: a higher loss can still be for them. become reality. “

According to Gudde, the consequences are manageable if the stadiums can be reopened in the short term. “From that perspective too, you would want to play football with the public again as soon as possible when it is safe again.”


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