Knor becomes Dutch entry for Oscar best full-length animated film | Movies & Series

The Dutch cinema film grunt is submitted on behalf of the Netherlands as a candidate for the Oscar for best animated feature film. SEE NL, which submits the films on behalf of the Netherlands, and distributor Gusto announced this on Sunday. It is the first time that the Netherlands has submitted a so-called stop-motion film.

gruntwhich is now in Dutch cinemas, is based on the book The Revenge of Knor by writer Tosca Menten. The film tells about the girl Babs, who receives the piglet Pigeon as a gift from her grandfather from America for her ninth birthday. Her parents aren’t too happy about that, but Babs is allowed to keep the animal on the condition that Knor follows a puppy course. Then grandpa turns out to have other plans with Knor.

The main roles in the film are voiced by Jelka van Houten, Kees Prins, Henry van Loon and Alex Klaasen. grunt is not a live action film, but a stop-motion animation. This means that a director gets his images by shooting clay or plastic dolls shot by shot while the doll has a slightly different pose in each shot. By playing these images one after the other, the puppets appear to be moving.

grunt by director Mascha Halberstad and producer Marleen Slot has also been nominated for four Golden Calves, including the statuette for best Dutch film of the year. In the cinema has grunt attracted more than 50,000 visitors. The Academy, the organization that awards the Oscars, will announce on January 24 whether grunt actually get a nomination.


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