Klaas Dijkhoff (VVD) leaves politics after upcoming elections | NOW

Member of Parliament Klaas Dijkhoff will leave politics after next year’s elections. The party leader of the VVD resigns NRC having made the decision two years ago.

The 39-year-old politician says he wants to broaden his horizons and look beyond working at the Binnenhof. “Just as curiosity brought me to the Binnenhof, it now also takes me elsewhere”, Dijkhoff writes on Facebook.

Dijkhoff is not tired of politics and says he will remain a member of the party. According to Dijkhoff, the VVD made attempts to keep him in the Chamber.

Dijkhoff was known for a long time as the successor of Mark Rutte as party leader. “I always thought: let me be the crown prince, then others don’t have to bear that burden,” he told the newspaper. He pushes Rutte forward again as party leader in the upcoming elections. He has still not given a definite answer.

He entered the House of Representatives for the VVD in 2010. Before that, he taught at a university. Dijkhoff became State Secretary for Security and Justice in 2015. In 2017 he became minister of the same department. He became leader of the VVD in October 2017.

Dijkhoff says he will continue to actively work for the VVD until the upcoming elections.

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