Kate Winslet looks back on her own sex scenes differently after filming Ammonite | NOW

Making the movie Ammonite has led Kate Winslet to look back at her sex scenes in other films with different eyes. In conversation with Entertainment Weekly the actress wonders whether she was not serving and compliant.

In Ammonite plays Winslet paleontologist Mary Anning, who begins an affair with a young woman (Saoirse Ronan) whom she must take care of.

Winslet says she wanted to shoot an important intimate scene for Ronan’s birthday. “I wanted it to be a beautiful memory for her in her movie life, no matter what the scene would look like. I knew it would be beautiful because of the similar experience we would share,” said the actress.

The scene was shot by only female crew members and Winslet and Ronan filled in the intimacy themselves, without rehearsals. “I could feel that Saoirse and I had the same ideas about what we wanted to show with the scene.”

Responsibility to think about sex scenes

After she saw the scene again, Winslet had mixed feelings. “I was almost a little mad at myself thinking about how I performed earlier intimate scenes in my career as a woman.”

The actress emphasizes that she has never felt forced, but says she realizes that most sex scenes are played from the perspective of the man, in which the woman is “taken along” in some way.

According to Winslet, as an actor you often do not doubt what the director asks of you. The actress believes that her colleagues and she should keep asking questions about scenes like this, with the # metoo movement in mind. “I feel a responsibility to think about this. Did my thoughts come from me in scenes like this, or did I automatically act in a serving and accommodating position?”

Ammonite, directed by Francis Lee, can be seen in Dutch cinemas from December 10.


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