Joram Lürsen in conversation with sisters Holleeder about second season Judas | NOW

Joram Lürsen is in talks with Astrid and Sonja Holleeder about a possible second season of the drama series Judas. The director told this on Sunday The Press Stand.

“We are considering making a second part,” said the 57-year-old director. “But you always have to be very secretive about it.”

Lürsen has not spoken to the sisters about the new threats surrounding Astrid and Sonja Holleeder, he said. “We are really talking about a possible second part.”

The first season of Judas, which covers six episodes and can be seen on Videoland, is based on the book of the same name by Astrid Holleeder. The series is about the Holleeder family, until the moment that Astrid betrays her Willem. Many mono and dialogues in the series are based on tapes on which the top criminal can be heard and have sometimes been copied one-on-one.

Willem Holleeder is played in the series by Gijs Naber. The role of Astrid is played by actress Rifka Lodeizen and Marit van Bohemen plays Sonja.


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