Jennifer Love Hewitt wish she hadn’t laughed off inappropriate questions | NOW

Jennifer Love Hewitt received many questions about her body during her heyday as an actress. In retrospect, she would have liked to say something about the inappropriate questions of journalists instead of laughing at them, she says in conversation with Vulture.

Love Hewitt spoke to Vulture on the occasion of the film’s twentieth anniversary Heartbreakers. Both this movie and I Know What You Did Last Summer caused the actress to be constantly asked about her body by journalists.

“Now that I’m older, I think, Gosh, I wish I had known how inappropriate the questions were so I could have defended myself and not had to answer them,” says Love Hewitt. “I’ve had to laugh at them a lot and I might wish I hadn’t.”

At the time, the then 21-year-old actress did not yet understand how inappropriate the questions were. “I just finished the Britney Spears documentary (Framing Britney Spears, ed.) and it shows how people talked about her breasts. Many inappropriate things were asked at the time, but it didn’t feel that way then. Somehow I thought, they probably wouldn’t ask if it was inappropriate. “

Yet the now 42-year-old actress sometimes had enough of the subjects of interviews. “I remember going to a press event before I Know What You Did Last Summer wore a shirt on purpose ‘sillicone free“got up because I was so fed up with it that the journalists’ first question was always about my breasts.”

At the press days for the film Heartbreakers things didn’t get much better for the actress. “I was disappointed by all the questions about my body. I had tried so hard to come out as an actress as best I could in that film. I can remember a moment when I wished there was a five-minute talk about it. how well I acted rather than how my body looked. “


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