Jamie Dornan prefers ranch to ‘exhausting’ Hollywood | NOW

Jamie Dornan prefers rural life in England to life in the Hollywood spotlight. The Northern Irish actor tells Variety that he thinks that many colleagues hide their own identities in Hollywood.

38-year-old Dornan lives with his wife and three daughters on a small farm, which is also home to a horse, five chickens, three goats, a dog and a cat. Life in the countryside helps him to settle down.

“I think a lot of us, especially in Hollywood, are trying to hide certain aspects of ourselves. It’s really a show and everyone is on show mode trying to be the best version of themselves and just deliver highlights. That’s exhausting.”

Dornan did live in Los Angeles for a while. There he also met his wife, Amelia Warner, at a party. When he started talking to her, he knew immediately that they would end up as husband and wife: “I was talking to her and immediately noticed: this is it. And that was really weird.”

A day after that first meeting, Dornan and Warner happened to be on the same plane to London. According to Dornan, the impending relationship with Warner initiated his successful acting career.

“Love also made me seriously concerned about my work. Within a year of meeting my wife, I got a role in The Fall and completely changed my life. “


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