Important engine deal in the making in Formula 1

Various sources confirm this to De Telegraaf, after earlier reports from Auto, Motor und Sport. A final agreement is expected in the not too distant future.

The new engines, which are to be used by 2026, are expected to make it more interesting for other parties to get back into Formula 1. That is why not only the current suppliers, but also Audi and Porsche were at the table during discussions during the race weekends in Austria and Italy.

The future models are simpler and therefore cheaper. In those V6 turbos, for example, the so-called MGU-H disappears, the component that converts released, warm exhaust gases into electricity and therefore extra power. An engine now costs more than two million euros. The price should be below a million by 2026.

The engine regulations in Formula 1 will be ‘frozen’ between 2022 and 2026, the parties involved previously agreed. Honda will leave the premier class of motorsport after this year, but will help current partner Red Bull launch next year’s engine. It may not be developed in the following seasons. In those freezing years there are four engine parties in the sport: Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull. Red Bull hopes to develop its own engine by 2026.

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